Day 17

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Distance: 77.55 mi
Dubois, WY to Riverton, WY

Time: 4:24:25

Avg Speed: 17.6 mph

Elevation Gain: 1,581 ft

Calories: 1,700 C

Avg Temperature: 66.1 °F

Photos from Day 17

From Phil: "The day started off at 31°F and created frost on the tent while packing up, once the sun came up, the temperature rose to 60° in the first two hours and was 72° by mid-day. We finished up early at 1:10pm -- mainly a downhill ride, but with head wind. Check out the average speed...17.6 for 78 miles!" Photo on top left is that of a lucky horseshoe Phil found in his cycling travels today and placed on his cycling jersey from the tour. The rest of the photos are beautiful scenery in Wyoming.