Day 37

Monday, July 21, 2014

Distance: 67.17 mi
Northfield, MN to Pepin, WI

Time: 4:12:56

Avg Speed: 15.9 mph

Elevation Gain: 1,991 ft

Calories: 890 C

Avg Temperature: 82.7 °F

Photos from Day 37

1) Stopped in this morning to corporate headquarters for Cycle America in Cannon Falls, MN. 2-4) We rode the Cannon Falls bike trail for 20 of our 68 miles today. Very nice and cool out of the sun. Pics taken along the bike trail. 5) In spite of the limited elevation that we are climbing, they have a ski area off the bike trail. 6) Pic as we crossed the Mississippi River looking south, 7) looking north. 8) Statue of Charles Lindbergh at our picnic location in bay point park. 9) Check off another state! We are now in Wisconsin. 10-12) Pics of Lake Pepin.