Day 39

Wedsnday, July 23, 2014

Distance: 74.49 mi
Sparta, WI to Baraboo, WI

Time: 5:19:34

Avg Speed: 14.0 mph

Elevation Gain: 1,955 ft

Calories: 1,565 C

Avg Temperature: 70.5 °F

Photos from Day 39

1) Spent 55 miles of today's 74 mile ride on the Sparta/Elroy Trail, a crushed limestone bike and snowmobile path. It is known as the first rail trail in the country. 2) Sparta claims to be the bicycle capital of the country. This is the statue of Ben Biken. 3) This is one of the three tunnels we had to walk our bikes thru. One was nearly a mile long, nearly pitch black except for the light at the end of the tunnel and water drippeing from the ceilings, but still really cool. 4) Inside shot near the exit. 4) The tunnels were built in 1873, are 3,810 feet long, and cost $247,272 to build or $65/foot. 5) My brother-in-law, Larry, came up from the Chicago area to cheer me on today. Great to see him and we went out for a wonderful dinner. 6-8) Scenic photos taken along the ride today. 9) Staying on the campus of the University of Wisconsin-Baraboo tonight. This is the view from the balcony. 10) Another pic on campus of our setup.