Day 43

Sunday, July 27, 2014 (rest day)

Week 6: Heartland Patchwork -- Done!

Total Distance: 411.32 mi
Northfield, MN to Ludington, MI

Total Time: 26:21:20 h:m:s

Week 6 Avg Speed: 15.6 mph

Total Elevation Gain: 13,317 ft

Total Calories: 6,651 C

1-2) On the shores of Lake Michigan. Went up to the top of the lighthouse for birds eye view of town. Walked on the pier to get to the lighthouse. 3) Beachfront on lake. My guess is water was barely 60 degrees but it was crystal clear. 4-5) Some interesting sights in town. Saying above goes with statue in front of town library. 6) View up town. 7) Courthouse built in 1893 and well kept. 8) Layout of town with many restaurants noted. 9-10) Sample of two of the many bed and breakfasts near shores. 11) Group meeting by Greg of Cycle America to discuss tomorrows ride.