Day 45

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Distance: 82.43 mi
Farwell, MI to Frankenmuth, MI

Time: 4:59:36

Avg Speed: 16.5 mph

Elevation Gain: 476 ft

Calories: 1,330 C

Avg Temperature: 62.4 °F

Photos from Day 45

1-2) Part of the ride today on the bike trail. 3-4) Bike trail ends at the bulls eye at the bridge, where 3 bike trails come together. 5-8) Other pics in my journey today. 9-13) At the final destination today, we went to the Frankenmuth Brewery. My favorite beer at the brewery was the Brown Hound. The brewery was quite a nice place. 14) Riverview from the brew balcony. 15-17) Our dinner location tonight for their chicken special. 18-19) Other pics of downtown area.