Day 47

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Distance: 84.64 mi
Memphis, MI to West Lorne, ON

Time: 4:46:03

Avg Speed: 17.8 mph

Elevation Gain: 732 ft

Calories: 1,145 C

Avg Temperature: 69.4 °F

Photos from Day 47

1) Turned out to be a beautiful day today, this is a pic of the morning light with my tent. 2) Got on ferry to cross the St. Clair river which takes us into Canada. It's about 1/2 mile wide. 3-4) Pics from ferry. 5) Some of the cross country crew. 6) Welcome to Canada. 7) A pretty church from 1800's 8-10) Pics from Canada. 11) Christmas tree farm..and you can smell as you ride down the road...beautiful!