Notes for Phil

"Congrats too you on your final goal heading home. See ya soon "

Rich and Gail, Friend

"Your family is getting closer, welcome home Phil, good job."

Caroline and Bill, Friend

"Hi Phil -You're almost there! I am amazed by all you have accomplished - you are seriously inspiring. I love seeing all the pics that Amber shares on Facebook -- can't believe you have really crossed the entire country on your BIKE! Awesome. Good luck in the home stretch! :)"

Macey F., He's my friend's cool dad!

"Hey Phil! Must be feeling great to get back into familiar territority. Great pics and you are doing great! Everyone is so proud of you and cheering you on. "

Larry F., brother-in-law

"Hello Phil- been following you on your tour, the pictures are great. Just 10 more days. Looking great!! Wishing you the best and for a safe return home."

Jean N., friends

"Hello Phil. 12 days to go.. good for you . Checking in were in Virgina Beach having a blast.. See ya soon ."

Rich and Gail, friends

"You are one crazy guy!!! How's the bum? One more thing off the Bucket List! Be safe and watch out for moose in the road!!"

Jeff S., friends

"Phil, can't believe your finally fulfilling your dream.You must be sore as hell especially legs and a**.This is quite an achievement. How's the weather I'm sure it impacts your ride? Any one else from Westfield on the tour? You must be losing weight with all that effort and must be eating like a horse . Would enjoy hearing of the journey maybe over some beers. Good luck only 3 more weeks. Congrats! P.S. Nice smile in your picture "

Al K., friends

"Phil - Sure hope you are having a great time - I have sent this site to my wife Nancy who you meet on the rail trail - Now I know for sure she will be doing this trip - Best of luck and have fun mike"

Mike S., friends

"Enjoying the pics along the way. Fantastic scenery and some interesting places to see. Sounds like all of your training has been worth it. Good luck on your next three weeks. Is the route posted any where?"

Phil V., friends

Note from Jack & Amber -- You can see Phils route on the about the tour page

"Hi, Phil! I am so impressed with what you are doing, and I miss talking to you SO MUCH! Congratulations on your endeavor! I hope you get in touch sometime. Jeanne"

Jeanne B., friends

"Jack and Amber, what a great job you guys are doing with this web site...thanks for the pics!"

Rich and Gail, friends

Note from Jack & Amber -- Thanks Rich & Gail! We enjoy keeping everyone updated, thank you for following along on Phil's journey!

"ok day 38.. no pics you must be riding in heavy rain.. The pictures that you have posted have be incredible . So cool looks like your having a blast enjoy the ride.. "

Rich and Gail, friends

Note from Jack & Amber -- pics now up on Day 38, Phil was in an area with poor cell reception, so we did not receive them until the following day.

"Living the dream congrats. your doing great..."

Rich and Gail, friends

"Found pictures, fantastic views. Keeping you in our prayers."

Caroline and Bill F., friends

"Wow day 16th looks like a really hard climb elev.9584 Gail and I love the web site.. this has too be such a rush for you. keep up the good work.."

Rich and Gail, friends

"Great pics Phil."

Mike A., family

"Hello again, great pictures of your bike tour, such an inspiration for us 60 yr olds., great to be able to follow your tour, have a safe ride!!! ENJOY "

Jean N., friend

"I love this web page!!! :-)
Keep riding Buddy!
Many thanks to Jack and his wonderful mom for doing such a great job on this web page!"

Paul F., friend

"Wow the pics are very cool. Keep up the good work your doing great"

Rich and Gail, friends

"Phil, this is so awesome!! Happy belated birthday! You're quite an inspiration....I don't know where you get all your energy but you're amazing. Safe travels."

Gina, friend

"Happy birthday buddy!!!"

Paul & JoAnne, friends

"Happy Birthday Phil!!!! Love you!!! WOW 60!!!!!!!"

Annmary, sister

"Happy Birthday Old Man. I'll be catching up soon enough. You're doing great, stay safe and see you in August."

Jennifer, friend

"Best of luck to you on your journey, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!"

Jennifer C., old neighbors :)

"Happy Birthday Papa! Your doing great! I hope your enjoying your ride and I can't wait to see you when you get back. Also, I'm glad you like the website!"

Jack, grandson

"Happy Birthday Dad! You are such an inspiration and I am so proud of you. Love you lots, be safe!"

Amber, daughter

"Happy Birthday Papa! Love you!"

William, grandson

"Sending lots of encouragement your way. So happy that you are in the middle of reaching a fantastic goal of yours. Go Phil!!!"

Diane, friend

"Happy Birthday Phil!"

Mike A., family

"Hey Phil, I didn't realize you had started your trip! What a wonderful thing to do! Good luck! Enjoy every moment. I can't wait to hear all your stories when you get back."

Mia, family

"Hi Phil, Happy Birthday! So glad that you are on this journey. Keep up the good work. See you when you get back."

Terry, sister-in-law

"Happy Birthday Phil. What a grand birthday, to have a dream come true! Looks like you are having a great time. Love you."

Linda & Bill, family

"Happy Birthday Phil. You are an inspiration to all 60 year olds. Awesome job, enjoy the ride!"

Pat D., friend

"Bet you are enjoying tour hotel stay. Stay safe"

Mike A., family

"I hope this was on your Bucket list, best of luck , we know you will be a winner."

Caroline, friend

"No turning back now... it's all down hill from here. Hope you're having a great time."

Phil V., friend

"Hey Phil - Best of luck on your travels!"

Chris, friend

"Go for it Phil! It's great to see you doing this ride. I'm looking forward to hearing all about it."

George, friend & cyclist

"Good luck, Phil !!! I miss talking to you, and hope you are doing well. Keep in touch!"

Jeanne, former colleague

"Day one is over, piece of cake wasn't it?? How was that first night's sleep??"

Bob, friend & cyclist

"Great first day Phil! We will be following your progress and cheering you on!"

Larry, brother-in-law

"Good luck buddy! Have a great ride, a great adventure, and enjoy this enormous undertaking that most would only dare dream of!
Jo and I are cheering for you and will be following along on the Web!
Ride on Buddy! Ride on!"

Paul, friend

"Way to go Uncle Phil! We'll be "watching" in IL! Go get 'em!!!"

Jackie, niece

"Phil, hasn't anyone told you about the internal combustion engine? That is what most people use to travel the distances you are pedaling. Have a great time! I look forward to seeing you later in June in Jackson, WY."

Gary, friend

"Love you Bro, Be safe, have fun, can't wait to hear all about your adventure!!!"

Ann, sister

"Wishing you the best of luck on your adventure. I know this experience will be challenging and rewarding and you will have a great time!"

Pat, friend

"Safe travels, Phil. We're looking forward to hearing about your amazing adventure when you get home."

Tammy, Dave, Zoran, niece & family

"You are living the dream. Next year it's Girona. Ride safe and see you in August."

Jeff, friend & cyclist